SmilingBaby “to deliver smiles to the world!” “世界に笑顔をとどける!” スマイリングベイビー

LOVE SmilingBaby 2013

Power of Smiles

  Smiles are so powerful.Although they can't lift iron blocks, demolish mountains, or fly anything, they CAN please someone, make someone happy, make someone's heart warm, connect people without words, and even boost such happiness. Smiles have tons of wonderful power.

  Especially, babies pure smiles are special. You know, their smiles make everyone smile in a moment. We believe in the power of smiles. We, Smiling Baby, keep shooting baby photographs to spread such happiness all over the world.

Our Activity

  We take photographs of babies between 3 and 5 months old at no charge, and spread them all over the world to trigger a chain reaction of smiles and make the world full of happiness.

  Our project started in 2007, when an experienced fashion photographer, shot a baby for the first time in my carrier. From the babies pure smile, I felt infinity energy my had never experienced before and had an inspiration that this pure smile would be the power to tackle the challenges the world was facing.


 笑顔はとっても力持ち。鉄の塊を持ち上げたり、山を崩したり、 空を飛んだりはできないけれど、人を喜ばせたり、嬉しくさせたり、心をあったかくしたり、言葉なんて関係なくつながったり、ハッピーをぐんぐん増やしたり、数えきれないくらい素敵な力を持っている。





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